Can A Mac mini Run Daylite?

ImageDaylite is becoming more and more popular. It’s a powerful tool that will let you keep your business organized and productive. A couple years ago, I setup a law firm in Las Vegas to run all of their clients with Daylite and it has worked great.

Since Daylite has both a server and a client, the Mac mini is a popular option to run the server part. Obviously keeping the database off the workstations will help you avoid trouble.

Many people want to be able to access their databases from anywhere in the world. To do this effectively, you’ll want a static ip address for your Mac mini and fast upload speed.

We’ve seen an increase in our customers running Daylite. It’s obviously becoming a popular Mac application since Daylite Touch was introduced. We’ve also found the new offline sync to work very, very well.

If you’re looking to have your database more accessable, here are ten reason to host Daylite with Macminicolo.