Is there Mac mini hosting for the UK and Europe

poweredbymacstadiumIn early 2016, Macminicolo and MacStadium merged to create the largest Mac hosting company in the world. We’re now able to provide all sorts of services in multiple locations.

We now offer Mac hosting in Europe, US West and US East.

The services include:

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Can I install a 2TB drive in a Mac mini?

ImageThere are now 2TB drives that are in the 2.5in range. (This is the size that goes in the Mac mini.) The difference is that the 2TB versions of these drives are 12.5mm tall.

We’ve done some testing though. You are able to put in a 12.5mm drive if you use the upper bay of the Mac mini. When it is installed there, you aren’t able to use the screws but it’s large enough to stay in place on it’s own.

Once the 2TB drive is installed, you’ll have room to put a 7mm drive in as well. Most SSD drives are 7mm including these excellent Samsung SSD drives.

When all is said and done, you are able to have a 2TB HDD and a 1TB SSD. That’s a ton of space for a great little server.

Can I install an SSD drive into a Mac mini?

Image There are a number of benefits to having an SSD drive in a Mac mini. You will especially enjoy the increased speed if you have a server that has a large database or does a number of lookups in that data base.

Luckily, SSD drives have been coming down in cost and going up with reliability. Our favorite is the Samsung 840 series that comes in sizes up to 1TB. Once you have it ordered, you can follow this simple tutorial on replacing a hard drive in a Mac mini.

How are the hard drives used in a Mac mini server?

ImageThe Mac mini server comes with two hard drives. When you boot up the machine for the first time, the operating system will be installed on one drive (Server HD) and the other drive will be empty (Macintosh HD2). You can choose to keep one drive as your boot drive, and the other one as your data drive. However, I recommend using the second hard drive as a backup.

Can a Mac mini be a server for a Mac and a PC?

ImageIn most cases, a Mac mini will do fine as a server for both Macs and PCs, though it depends on how you intend to use it.

For instance, a Mac mini uses standard connections like IMAP for mail, SSH for remote login, etc. So, on the side of a client, it doesn’t matter what is on the other end.

A Mac mini will not make Mac software work on a PC. Though, you should be able to take over a Mac mini with VNC, and then you can control the Mac as if it was sitting in front of you.

What is the difference between a Mac mini and Mac mini server?

Image Apple sells a “Mac mini” and a “Mac mini with OS X Server.” Other than the obvious differences (ie, RAM, processor, etc) the only difference is that the high end mini comes with pre-installed.

If you don’t need the extra hard drive, you can order the mid-range Mac mini ($799) and just download from the App Store.

One more thing to note, when you setup the high end Mac mini, it won’t automatically setup the So, if you just want to run OS X on the server Mac mini, you won’t have to do a clean install of OS X.